1.Energetic electron generation and transportation in the interaction between ultra-intense laser and plasmas; National Prize for Natural Sciences (grade two), 2006, winners: Jie Zhang, Zhengming Sheng, Yutong Li, Zhiyi Wei.

2. Research on several frontiers of high field physics; the outstanding technology achievement award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), 2007, winners: Jie Zhang, Zhengming Sheng, Zhiyi Wei.

3. Relativistic particles acceleration driving by high power laser and a new type of radiation source; “Rao Yutai” Prize in Chinese Physics Society, 2007, winner: Zhengming Sheng.

4. Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS), C.N.Yang Award, 2010, winner: Zhengming Sheng.

5. Science and Technology Progress Award, The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, 2006, winner: Jie Zhang.

6. Academician of Germany Academy of Science, 2007, Jie Zhang.

7. The Third-World Academy of Science (TWAS) physics award, 2007, Jie Zhang.

8. Academician of Scientific Academy of the Third World, 2008, Jie Zhang.

9. Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, 2011, Jie Zhang.