200 TW high power Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser system

Repeatition rate: 10 Hz

Central wavelength: 800 nm

Ppulse duration: 25 fs

pulse energy over 5 J

Potential applications including:

Laser wakefield electron acceleration

Laser driven ions acceleration

X-ray generation

THz generation

Inertial confined fusion physics

High energy density physics

Laboratory atrophysics





Femtosecond laser system: Ti:Sapphire oscillator and regenerative amplifier
Company:         Coherent Inc.
Model:            legend Elite-USP HE
Center Wavelength: 800nm
Pulse width:        <30fs
Repetition rate:      1KHz
Pulse energy:       ~4mJ


Picosecond laser system: Picosecond Mode-Locked oscillator, regenerative amplifier and flash lamp pumped amplifier

Company:         High-Q laser & Innolas

Center Wavelength:  1064nm

Pulse width:        ~500ps

Repetition rate:      10Hz

Pulse energy:       ~1J