• Suming Weng
  • Distinguished Research Fellow
  • laser plasma physics, inertial confinement fusion, ion acceleration, neutron production, etc
  • wengsuming@sjtu.edu.cn

Biographical Sketch:
2014.04 -                 Distinguished Research Fellow,  
                                Department of Physics and Astronomy, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
2011.07 - 2014.03   JSPS Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Specially Appointed Researcher, 
                                Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University (Host: Prof. M. Murakami).
2009.03 - 2011.06   Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research fellow, 
                                Institute of Applied Physics, TU Darmstadt (Host: Prof. P. Mulser);
                                Department of Physics, LMU Munich (Host: Prof. H. Ruhl).
2003.09 - 2009.03   Doctor of Science in Optical Physic, 
                                Institute of Physics, CAS (Supervisor: Prof. Z. M. Sheng).
2004.07 - 2005.06   Visiting Student in Microsoft Research Asia (Host: Prof. Z. C. Lin).
1999.09 - 2003.06   Bachelor of Science in Physics, Nankai University.
1999.09 - 2003.06   Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics, Nankai University.


Research Interests:  

Analytical and numerical studies in laser-plasma interactions, which mainly includes Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF), fast ignition, laser-driven ion acceleration, laser-driven high-energy neutron production, laser absorption, fast electron generation, plasma transport theory, plasma hydrodynamics, laser matter interactions in radiation dominated regime, and development of simulation codes (such as Vlasov-Fokker-Planck code, particle-in-cell code, and molecular dynamics code).

Selected Publications:

[1]   S. M. Weng, M. Murakami, H. Azechi, J. W. Wang, N. Tasoko, M. Chen, Z. M. Sheng, P. Mulser, W. Yu, and B. F. Shen; Quasi-monoenergetic ion generation by hole-boring radiation pressure acceleration in inhomogeneous plasmas using tailored laser pulses; Phys. Plasmas, 21, 012705 (2014).

[2]   Jingwei Wang, M. Murakami, S. M. Weng, H. Ruhl, Shixia Luan, and Wei Yu; Monoenergetic collimated nano-Coulomb electron beams driven by crossed laser beams; Appl. Phys. Lett., 103, 024105 (2013).

[3]   S. M. Weng, M. Murakami, P. Mulser, and Z. M. Sheng; Ultra-intense laser pulse propagation in plasmas: from classic hole-boring to incomplete hole-boring with relativistic transparency; New J. Phys., 14, 063026 (2012).

[4]   S. M. Weng, P. Mulser, and Z. M. Sheng; Relativistic critical density increase and relaxation and high-power pulse propagation; Phys. Plasmas, 19, 022705 (2012).

[5]   Su-Ming Weng, Zheng-Ming Sheng, Hui Xu, and Jie Zhang; Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Simulation for High-Power Laser Plasma Interactions; Commun. Comput. Phys., 11, 1236 (2012).

[6]   P. Mulser, S. M. Weng, and T. Liseykina; Analysis of the Brunel model and resulting hot electron spectra; Phys. Plasmas, 19, 043301 (2012).

[7]   P. Mulser, and S. M. Weng; Stable Plateau formation and Brillouin suppression in laser plasma; Phys. Plasmas, 17, 102707 (2010).

[8]   Q. Z. Yu, Y. T. Li, S. M. Weng, Q. L. Dong, F. Liu, Z. Zhang, J. Zhao, X. Lu, C. Danson, D. Pepler, X. H. Jiang, Y. G. Liu, L. Z. Huang, S. Y. Liu, Y. K. Ding, Z. B. Wang, Y. Gu, X. T. He, Z. M. Sheng, and J. Zhang; Nonlocal heat transport in laser-produced aluminum plasmas; Phys. Plasmas, 17, 043106 (2010).

[9]   Su-Ming Weng, Zheng-Ming Sheng, and Jie Zhang; Inverse bremsstrahlung absorption with nonlinear effects of high laser intensity and non-Maxwellian distribution; Phys. Rev. E, 80, 056406 (2009).

[10]   S. M. Weng, Z. M. Sheng, M. Q. He, J. Zhang, P. A. Norreys, M. Sherlock, and A. P. L. Robinson; Plasma currents and electron distribution functions under a dc electric field of arbitrary strength; Phys. Rev. Lett., 100, 185001 (2008).