• Lule Yu
  • Assistant Researcher
  • laser plasma physics
  • Room 304, LLP
  • luleyu@sjtu.edu.cn

Research Experience and Education

2012-2013, Postdoctoral researcher at University of California Berkeley

2010-2012, Visiting scholar at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2007-2012, Ph.D in Optical Physics at the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interests

Theoretical analysis and numerical simulations of laser plasma physics, including laser propagation in plasmas and laser-driven plasma-based particle accelerators.

Selected Publications

M. Zeng, M. Chen, L. L. Yu, W. B. Mori, Z. M. Sheng, B. Hidding, D. A. Jaroszynski, and J. Zhang,“Multichromatic narrow-energy-spread electron bunches from laser-wakefield acceleration with dual-color lasers”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 084801 (2015).

Sheng Zheng-Ming, Weng Su-Ming, Yu Lu-Le, Wang Wei-Min, Cui Yun-Qian, Chen Min, and Zhang Jie, “Absorption of ultrashort intense lasers in laser–solid interactions”, Chin. Phys. B 24, 015201 (2015) (invited paper).

L.-L. Yu, E. Esarey, C. B. Schroeder, J.-L. Vay, C. Benedetti, C. G. R. Geddes, M. Chen, and W. P. Leemans, “Two-Color Laser-Ionization Injection”, Phys. Rev. Lett.112, 125001 (2014).

L.-L. Yu, C. B. Schroeder, F.-Y. Li, C. Benedetti, M. Chen, S.-M. Weng, Z.-M. Sheng, and E. Esarey, “Control of focusing fields for positron acceleration in nonlinear plasma wakes using multiple laser modes”, Phys. Plasmas 21, 120702 (2014). (Editor’s Pick)

Lu-Le Yu, Han Xu, Wei-Min Wang, Zheng-Ming Sheng, Bai-Fei Shen, Wei Yu and Jie Zhang, “Generation of tens of GeV quasi-monoenergetic proton beams from a moving double layer formed by ultraintense lasers at intensity 1021~1023 W/cm2”, New J. Phys. 12, 045021 (2010).