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  • Solid-state Lasers
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Biographical Information

Vice Director, Supervisor of Ph. D. student, Professor, achieved Ph. D. degree in Shanghai Institute of Optical and Fine Mechanics in 1999. Worked in laser center of Electro-communication University, Japan and Physics department of Heriot-watt University, UK between 1999 and 2005, responsible for the research of “2-mircon Tm-doped fiber laser”, “KW-output fiber disc laser ” and “High-power planar waveguide laser”, represent the highest level in world. Early in 2002 developed research on ceramic laser in high-power laser and induced widely international attention, recognized as one of the ten powerful breakthroughs in laser technology. Work on planar waveguide laser in UK has been awarded for excellent contribution in high-power solid-state laser by BAE system PLC.  Selected by CAS Hundred Talents Project and worked in SIOM in 2005, supported by CAS Hundred Talents Project for excellent works in 2007. In 2008 the national patent has been invested to high technique company for develop high-power solid-state laser.  As primary researcher, responsible for and participated in “863” project, “973” project, “845” project, etc national projects, developed successfully high-power slab laser system, high-power Mid-IR solid-state laser, etc scientific research, technology indexes have reached international advanced level and opened new field home. Until now published more than 70 publications in peer review journals including review paper and invited papers, 50 conference publications, some chapters of two scientific books in English, held 10 national invention patents, invited to special reports in internationally scientific conferences.


Research Field

1. High-power solid-state laser, mainly meets the demand of national key program and modern manufacture, includes key technology of semi-conductor pumped, high-power, high energy, solid-state laser, fiber laser, transmission and quality control of high-power laser beam, application technology of high-power laser, etc.

2. MID-IR solid-state laser, includes power and efficiency improvement of MID-IR solid-state laser, MID-IR solid-state laser technology reformation based on new material, MID-IR fiber laser, etc.

3. New pattern solid-state laser, mainly explored new type of solid-state laser, exploit new research field about solid-state laser by the exploration of new mechanism and new conformation.


AchievementSelected publications

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