• Xianfeng Chen
  • Professor
  • Advanced Photonics Materials and Devices, Nonlinear Optics
  • 86-21-54743252
  • xfchen@sjtu.edu.cn

Biographical Information

Ph.D. Professor, Born in 1968. Executive director of “Research Center for Optical Science and Engineering”, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Vice director of “the State Key Laboratory on Fiber Optic Local Area Communication Networks and Advanced Optical Communication Systems”; He is an associate editor of Acta Optica Sinica and a vice director of fundamental optics committee, the Optical Society of China. He was awarded program for New Century Excellent Talents in University of China and Dawn scholar of Shanghai Education committee in 2004. He also won second prize of Reward of National Science and Technology Progress of Shanghai and “RaoYuTai” Optics award by the Optical Society of China. His research group’s researches focus on advanced photonics materials and devices, nonlinear optics, nano photonics and ultrafast optics. He visited national institute of Electromagnetic Wave of Italy from July From 1997 to August 1998, he was visited by Department of Physics of Harvard University as a senior scholarship from Sep. 2002 to Aug. 2003. He was in charge of over 20 research project in the past five years including important national science & technology specific projects, 973, 863, and NSFC. He has published over 130 peer-reviewed journal papers, in which over 100 papers are SCI-indexed, such as Applied Physics Letters, Optics Letters, and Optics Express.


Research Field

1.Quasi-phase-matching nonlinear optics and its applications, including: a) Multiple quasi-phase-matching in arbitrary domain reversal optical superlattice. b) Electro-optics effect in domain reversal optical superlattice and its applications. c) Quasi-velocity-matching phase modulator. d) N*M all-optical wavelength converter in optical communications.

2.Coherent control of ultra-fast laser pulse and interaction with matters, including: a) Frequency conversion, compression and shaping of ultra-fast laser pulse in domain eversal optical superlattice. b) 3-dimensions domain inversion induced by femto-second laser. c) Quasi-phase-matching problems in attosecond pulse generation. d) Micro-machine with femto-second laser

3.Micro-, Nano- photonics materials and applications, including:  a) Fabrication of sub-wavelength optical fiber (liquid-core fiber) and applications in nonlinear optics and biosensor.  b) Photonics behaviors in magnetic fluid by manipulation of magnetic field.  c) Fabrications and their nonlinearity enhancement of new quantum dots and thin-film materials.