• Jiaming Li
  • Academician
  • Atomic & Molecular Physics, Computational Physics
  • lijm@sjtu.edu.cn

Biographical Information

19641968 Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University  B.S.

19691974  Department of Physics, University of Chicago College  Ph.D.

1974              Department of Physics, University of Chicago Research Associate

1975—1976  University of Pittsburgh, Department of Physics Astronomy  Research Associate

19771978  University of Rochester Institute of Laser Energy Senior  Research Associate

19791982  Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences  Research Associate

1983now    Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Researcher

1997now    Tsinghua University Professor


Achievement (Selected publications)

1. Spectroscopy and Collision Theory: The Ar Absorption Spectrum,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li), K.T.Lu;Physical Review A8 (1973) 1241.

2. Variational Calculation of R-matrix: Application to Ar Photoabsorption,U.Fano, C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li);Physical Review Letter 31 (1973) 1573.

3. Spectroscopy and Collision Theory: Atomic Eigenchannel Calculation by a Hartree-Fock-Roothaan Method,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li);Physical Review A10 (1974) 584.

4. Spin Polarization and Angular Distribution of Photoelectrons in Jacob-Wick Helicity Formalism: Application to Autoionzation Resonances,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li);Physical Review A10 (1974) 1598.

5. Multichalnnel Photodetachment Theory,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li); Physical Review A11 (1975) 1692.

6. Comment on Structure near the Cut-off Of the Continuous X-ray Spectrum of Lanthanum,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li), R.H.Pratt;Physical Review A12 (1975) 707.

7. Radiative Capture of High-energy Electrons,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li), R.H.Pratt;Physical Review A12 (1975) 1825.

8. The Electron Bremsstrahlung Spectrum 1-500 keV,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li), L.Kissel, R.H.Pratt, H.K.Tseng;Physical Review A13 (1976) 1714.

9. Radiative Electron Capture by Mo Ions,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li), R.H.Pratt;Physical Review A14 (1976) 990.

10. Multichannel Dissociative Recombination Theory,C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li);Physical Review A16 (1977) 109.

11. Application of Low Energy Theorem in Electron Bremsstrahlung,R.H.Pratt, C.M.Lee(Jia-Ming Li);Physical Review A16 (1977) 1733.