As the important base for laser plasmas research and education in China, the Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas (LLP) founded in November, 2010, its mission areas are mainly theory and numerical simulation of the laser plasma physics, physical experiment of the laser plasma physics, high field laser technology, micro-fabrication and target fabrication. The Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas fully dedicates to the creation and opening of high energy density laboratory environment which could simulate from high energy to the internal nucleus for the scientists in China, and the exploration to the science of unknown under the extreme states of matter, and promoting the sustainable development for laser plasma of our country in the long run.

The Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas, which owns distinguished experts on the laser plasmas, optical engineering, and micro fine fabrication, has formed the national significant special research center and the innovation teams of the Ministry of Education. Now, LLP includes about 40 core faculty members, where, there are 3 academicians, 1 Chair Professor of ‘1000 plan’ (Recruitment Program of Global Experts), 1 Yangtze distinguished professor of the Ministry of Education, 4 recipients of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 4 recipients of One Hundred Person Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and about 10 New Century Excellent Talents (NCET) of Ministry of Education and Dawn Scholars of Shanghai city. Furthermore, LLP now is proactively recruiting world-renowned scholars and research experts to promote its internationalization.

The Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas has made tremendous progress in the research and disciplines construction and has established long-term and close collaborations with the international major laser plasmas research institutions. LLP has initially hosted multiple significant international seminars in China (and in the third-world), which has showed the growing influence in the domain of international Laser Plasmas. more than 300 papers was published in the important international academic journals which was included in SCI by our faculty members in the last 5years, where 2 papers were published in Nature Physics, 16 papers was published in Phys. Rev. Lett., more than 100 papers whose impact factor (IF) exceed 2.0 such as Opt. Lett.,Opt. Expr., Phys. Rev. , etc. were published; 8 faculty members are deputy or international  editorial members of American, European and Japanese specialized academic journals. The LLP faculty members are recipients of numerous awards and honors including the Third-World Academy of Science (TWAS) physics award, the second prize of National Prize for Natural Sciences and the outstanding achievement award of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in laser plasmas; the progress of national science and technology (grade one) and the progress of military science and technology (grade one and grade two) in high power laser technology.

The Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas has more than 3000 square meters’ research space and a 6000 square meters’ laboratory is now under preparation; moreover, a giant experimental facility of high energy particle and radiation source with the ultra-high spatial resolution and the  temporal resolution simultaneous is in construction; the giant experimental device LLP has, which are nearly 50 million yuan, are ultrafast electronic imaging system, high power (200TW, 10Hz) femtosecond laser system, high average power (20W, 1kHz) Ti:Sapphire femtosecond laser system, high power pumping laser source, 1.4 Tflops high performance server , etc.

To be a world-class research laboratory in the domain of high power laser and laser plasmas, we need to have a positive attitude and firm faith in mind, and work with clear objectives, reasonable mentality, and effective actions for the construction and development of the Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas and make an active preparation for the construction of State Key Laboratory. Here, much appreciation is given to our every member, and visiting lecturers for their tremendous contributions to LLP.

Finally, we also have soberly realized that a long-term endeavor is still needed, with coordinating the ability of researchers, research achievements, quality of education and social influence of graduate students, to be a harmonious development unity, show the achievement we have made, and promote sustained, creative development of the Key Laboratory for Laser Plasmas. Therefore, every LLP member needs to be highly motivated, be responsible for the entire team, enhance the academic quality and insight, and achieve more success by accumulating fragments of progress.




2011.4 Shanghai